Thursday, December 23, 2004

Yesterday was Narain's 24th birthday..Ananthi and me planned this suprise celebration at Ashoka for him..

It was quite fun..He didn't know Ananthi and me would be at Ashoka..So he just came with his sis.. I bought the cake and met Ananthi at Ashoka..Went in bloody early like 2 fools..Haha.. Then the sms came..informing us that they were on their way up..So I lit the candles and burnt my hand as usual..And we waited...and waited...But they were still not there! And the stoopidddd idiots at the next table thought we were 2 sad cases who were celebrating our birthday alone.. *Grumbles*

Finally he came in and got the shock of his life..The poor boy was practically shaking when he cut the cake..Awwwwww...He's so sweet laa..

Have to say...The cake I bought was pretty yummy..With strawberries and all!!

The Birthday Boy..

His sister...

Ananthi and him..


Ashoka was bloody packed for a freakin Wed..Saw alot of familiar faces.. My knee almost gave way when I was dancing..I've always had this knee problem with the right one..and yesterday it felt like it was gonna pop..That's why I'm wearing this very unattractive knee guard at home..Sighz..

If you notice..The majority of photos of myself are usually taken by me..Coz I really don't like how the photos turn out of myself,when someone else takes the pics...God knows why..Its just a pet peeve of mine..

Leaving for Malacca and Seramban tommorow..More shopping!! Shoe shopping this time...I love Malacca coz I can get dirt cheap shoes which look damn good..and boots as well...And the yummy seafood at the Portugese settlement in Malacca!! Pepper crabs here I come..

I just had to include this pic..There was this poster cut out for Seed of Chucky below Ashoka..And we ended up taking photos...Actually ananthi's pic was the most believable...She really gave this SCARYYYYYY face!! But quite embarrasing to post it here...So here's Narain's!

Seed of Chucky!!

Probably won't get to blog till I get back on Sun...Sooooo..

Merry Christmas To All!!!!!