Sunday, December 19, 2004

*Bites nails*

Yet more shopping...Hahah..Tis is the season to be merry, no?? Hahaha..I'm obsessed with skirts suddenly...It felt so weird to wear a knee length skirt on Sat (New by the way!)..Coz I felt my legs were so bare and had this paranoia that the skirt was gonna rise and expose my butt!!...I havent worn a skirt in eons...That might explain things..

Things were abit rough between me and him on Sat.. I feel like such a paranoid bitch sometimes...Sighz..

I went to the gym today after a week's hiatus...*Groan* I'm gonna suffer tommorrow...But it did feel good to hit the weights and the cardio machines...Quite stress relieving...

I know I'm just typing random thoughts..but I have a freakin headache and i can't think straight.. Aaarghh..Hols suck without your besties...

{P.S.: Ket darlin I saw the ad with you and your mum!!!! Your mum rocks!!! (",) }


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