Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic"-Joseph Stalin

This tragedy struck a lil too close to home for many of us..We were actually planning to head to Langkawi this hols instead of Malacca..We changed plans last minute..Langkawi was hit by the ripples of the quake and many lives were lost there...I uttered a prayer of thanks when I heard the news...

But many Sporeans have only been complaining about holidays being cut short in Thailand and how Thailand has been badly affected...Do they realise that an entire Indian city could very well been wiped out?? Sri Lanka was the worst hit after Indonesia...Yet not much coverage of the lives lost there in the papers... The only news about India that was being covered was the lack of help form the govt...Even in times of devastation, people still have to point fingers and complain..

Its quite sad to witness all the tragic stories unfold on the tv..To feel so helpless...It's a miracle our lil dot survived all this without as much as a vase falling off a table,from the quake.. Once again...Please don't take life for granted...All those holiday goers laying on the beach with their children prob didn't expect a huge wave disrupting their lives forever..

Take a moment...

Really think of what has just happened in the last 2 days...

Think about what YOU would be going through if YOU were in that situation..

And finally...Help in any way you can... For those who wanna help those in Sri Lanka..You can bring down dry goods (milk poder,tinned food etc), clothes, blankets, medicine etc to No. 19 Dalhousie Lane (begind Tekka Mall) by Wednesday... Every bit counts..

Pray for your fellow humans..