Friday, December 03, 2004

So Taufik won...I admit I felt happy that he did...But although he might be the Singapore Idol..It does not mean he is the most talented one...I for one,believe that Olinda is wayyyyy talented than any one of the finalists...And what's more..He got the same prizes as the wannabe got..Quite unfair don't ya think?? What's the damn point of a 'final showdown' if both are gonna get the same prizes...Spore just sucks...Bloody racist country...Do you think Taufik would have gotten the recording deal if the wannabe had won??? Hmmph..I DON"T think so..

These shades seem to be everywhere huh??? Shawn got one too a few months back...And this is me with the shades, bored in the bus...So watcha do??? Take photos!!! Hahahaha..

Ray Bans Are Back In..


"I can call you my baby boy..
You can call me your baby girl.."