Sunday, December 12, 2004

Had a great time with my SIM mates..Xmas with the Kranks is quite amusing..The typical feel-good Xmas movie laa..Also went to the Gucci sale at Paragon..30% off but my friend Mel works at the head office so she has 50% off!!! But even at that price I don't ever think I'll be able to part with 1000 buckaroos for a bag!! But to my amazement there were many young girls there buying loads of stuff!! Sighz..To be rich..So on to the shops withing my price range..Forever 21 was also super crowded but the clothes looked pretty delish..I'm gonna get a jacket from there and prob a few tops from Mango as well..Did I mention I love the Xmas sales??

I swear Orchard is getting more and more crowded...I guess it could be due to the Xmas shoppers and all but seriously..Even on weekdays it can get freakin crowded...Bloody put off laa.. And it gets worse in the shops...Everyone grabbing and pushing and queueing...The holiday season brings out the worse in some ppl..

The Shopaholic series really scares me sometimes...Imagine going into debt without realising it... It can happen..It can very well happen to me! I can sympathise with the lead character Rebecca..Its like sometimes,you just HAVE to have those pair of lilac shoes... Coz you just have to!!! But I love the books coz they go into great detail of all the wonderful stuff Rebecca buys-shoes,clothes,accessories etc...I live vicariously through her...Sigh...

I crave sleep..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: My Immortal by Evanescence

Book The Diva Is Reading: Shopaholic Abroad