Wednesday, December 15, 2004

*Looks guilty*

Yes..I admit it...

I cannot deny it...

I went shopping AGAIN!!!

Hahaha...And it felt damn good...I found half of my NYE outfit...This long black flare skirt..A bargain from This Fashion (Of which I'm a proud member of..which entitles me to a further 10% off!!!)...Now I just have to find the perfect top..And new boots!!

Today's episode of The Simpsons was about Marge going on a date with her ex bf (whom tried to molest her on their prom date and is now a billionaire computer whiz kid) in order to get $1 million for Homer's life saving surgery... This got me thinking...Would I ever contemplate such a trade off? Would any girl ever agree to such terms to save her husband's life? I just can't imagine ever being in that situation..


What goes around, comes around.
What goes up, must come down.
It's called Karma baby.

Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Karma by Alicia Keys

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