Monday, March 21, 2005

I did nothing over the weekend.. I should have been studying for my econs test next week..But noooo...I did nothing..

Can't blame me though..I was cramping since Sat and you should know I can't function when I'm cramping..The bf came over on Sat and we were watching boring tv progs whilst he very sweetly massaged my lower back..Sun was spent watching my lover aka the delicious Vikram on TV..Then saw my hideous self dancing on TV in a red and blue concoction of an outfit..Hehehe.. I miss dancing so much..

I met Ananthi for a while after that to pass her a CD..We went to this accessories shop where they had mirrors around the top of the ceiling..And I tell you..I got a shock when I saw my reflection next to hers.. I looked damn hideous..It was like seeing a deformed giant next to the dainty princess!! So I immediately moved myself out of view so as not to cause multiple heart attacks in the store..

Why don't my blogders comment??? Ya all hate my blog so much?? Or am I not deserving of comments?? I WANT COMMENTS!! Hahahaha.. Excuse moi..Not enuf sleep+cramps=Cranky Sumi..

Have a freakin morning lecture after which we have to go down town to meet with the owner of the organisation we're doing research on.. I've been spending alot of time in town..And alot of money too.. Die..