Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Since everyone wants to know what a trucker cap is..

This is a trucker cap..

Hehe.. Been sick the past week..I know..I get sick a lot..My doctor once told me I needed lots of Vitamin C..But its so bloody leceh to put the bloody pill in water..wait for it to bubble up (Ooo, pretty bubbles) and drink it everyday.. So bleh to that..

The desire to be thin is so strong it eats me up.. It consumes me..Everytime I see a mirror I wanna cringe or I scrutinise every single angle.. I stare at the horizontally proportionate ppl in my lecture theatre with burning envy.. Oh to be able to walk into a shop and change into a sexy outfit without worrying abt my arms, tummy,ass and thighs.. Without staring at the changing room mirror and wishing away all the imperfections.. To just waltz out wearing a halter and not have to worry abt people whispering "What the fuck is she thinking wearing that top with that body?" (Not that I have heard ppl say this..I'll prob live in hibernation eating tubs of ice cream if I ever do..Total destruction)

Ah fuck..

Anyhoo..On to happier news..My twin Daphne passed her driving test today!! Yay..On her very first attempt too..She was soo super nervous at lecture in the morning..Had to keep reassuring her..She's such a perfectionist..Hehe..Congrats babe!!

I miss my Aussie babes..I'll give you the bloody honours.. Honour of being with me..Hehe..Just hurry home..I have chalet plans!! Haha..