Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hey Ppl..Sadly my comp decided to take a vacation without informing me..So I am computerless again!! Had to come all the way to sch to get internet access..Sniff sniff..

First things first.. My darling Michie..How could I EVER write ANYTHING mean abt you?? I adore you and your blog!! As Ambi could be someone who accessed your page from the comp's history coz I have been using my sch's comp alot nowadays.. Anyhoo..I'm so sorry anyone said anything mean abt you (though I dun know what they said).. *Many hugs*

Secondly, I apologise for not blogging these days..One..I dun have freakin internet access..Two..I have lots of deadlines to meet in the next 2 weeks..But I will be blogging quite frequently in school though..

Lastly.. I wish I could blog a longer post..But sadly the librarian is about to chase me out coz its closing time! Till later my darlings..