Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I've realised how old I am...I was lookin thru Friendster pics and saw this girl wearing this very cute trucker cap..And imagined how I would look in it..

Gasp...I think I would look horrendous in it..Like an old woman trying to look good in tight clothes and hooker heels.. Hahaha.. Sigh..Is 23 old?? Like in 7 yrs I would be 30!!! *Gasp* I think its my hair...Making me look old..I so wann chop it all off and have my old hairstyle..The bloody short one.. Watcha think?? But everyone would SO kill me..The first in line would be the bf..

But being old doesnt mean I can't have fun..I love these badges..I can't get enough of them.. And some of them are SO me..Like these..

This one was a prezzie to my brother from one of his friends..He happily paraded arounded with it pinned onto his bag till I made him read it carefully...Hahaha..

My Daily Admiration..

This one's on my phone cover..and it is SO, most definately me.. Everytime me and the bf get into an arguement I just shove the phone cover and badge in his face...Hahaha..

You Know It..

This last one is a key chain which Daf gave me whilst we were browsing through the shops.. Cho Chweet...She so knows me..My Chinese twin!!!

Haha..Damn Right..

Okie..Gtg eat my Maggi meeeee...Love ya all..