Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sigh..They just had to right..They just had to air a program on wife abuse.. And it just HAD to be an Indian family..*Mumbles*

But its so strange how women who are abused keep going back to their abusers.. Its like they know in the back of their mind that this is the monster who hurt them..But what to do.. Kaathalz..Lovez... It just clouds their judgement and pulls them into deeper misery. I know my friends and I have commented on how we would soo leave our bfs/husbands or do some bodily harm to them if they every abuse us.. But will we?? Will we have the courage and strength to not only give up the life we're used to with this person?? Will we be able to give up the stabilty?? I guess that eventually we will..Coz we are women.. And though it will take us time, we will eventually do the right thing..

Today was tiring..Woke up super early to head to Orchard to do some observation for our report..After threading, me and Daf happened to pass by a warehouse sale of bags at the Meritus Mandarin!! Wahhhh...I was super impressed at the variety of bags..And me being me had to shop although it was done vicariously through Daf..I chose this really nice purple shoulder bag..But she took at least 1/2 hr primping in front of the mirror deciding if she should buy the bag or not..But she did in the end..Hehehe..

The bf has been so busy recently..We only meet like once or twice a week.. Sometimes I feel like we are so apart all the time.. We only talk for a few mins on the phone each night before he's sleepy..Cant blame the poor boy coz he works so hard and has to study at the same time.. But all I ask for is a lil alone time..

Sometimes it sucks to be me...