Sunday, March 27, 2005

This sucks..

I'm reduced to travelling ALL the bloody way to Hougang to use the comp at his house.. And I can't freaking open Gmail using his comp!! Arrghhh..Bloody headache laa..

I was travelling on 157 today and there was this girl who reminded me of a character from Finding Nemo.. Who you ask?? Katieeee!! The evil-fish-killer girl.. Oh god..This lil girl had two plastic bags filled with water and this bluey fish in it..And she was swirling the bags around, bouncing it up and down, hugging them and swishing the water inside..I thought the poor fishies would die of heart attacks!! God knows what she did with them once she got home.. She'll probably have to perform open heart surgery on the poor fishies..

I went for Panguni on Friday for the 1st time in my life..And I so regretted it..The whole 'anjadi kootams' of Singapore turned up in all their finery..And the heat so didnt help.. I almost fainted whilst waiting for the processioin to move on..Luckily my bf noticed me swaying and brought me aside to sit for awhile.. I saw so many familiar faces and some whom I really didnt want to see.. And it didnt help that the kavadi I was following had 3 women who kept 'saamy eranguraaning' (Supposedly being possessed by God) every 3 metres.. Every time one got into I trance, I shrunk back behind my bf..It got worse when we reached the temple..ALL 3 started at the same time!! *Shudders*

After Panguni I went to Ananthi's hse for a gathering cum party for Sathais.. It was nice hanging out with her and her sisters..I like the whole idea of family gatherings once a month..But sadly my own family lives too far for gatherings to happen..Sniff sniff..

Phew..all blogged out for now... Oh and Happy Easter evryone!!