Friday, March 04, 2005

Fuck all spyware..

*Moans* I soooooooo dun wanna lose another comp to the dreaded viruses that seem to LURVEEEE my pcs.. I can't even open up my IE browser..It just gives me this box that says that they encountered some shit problem and has to close down the browser.. So I have to use Mozilla..Which sucks coz my blog layout looks damn funny on it. I keep scanning my system with 3 kinds of anti-spyware and virus programs but I keep encountering the bloody Trojan virus no matter how many times I quarantine it.. And the irony of it is all the bloody pop ups that come up are ones that advertise anti-spyware software!! *Mumbles*

Dieeeee....Helpppppppppppppppppp...Anyone knows how I can solve this prob of mine???

I don't even feel like uploading pics and blogging about the wonderful time I had clubbing on wed.. Sniff sniff.. Right now I'm using the bloody sch comps to blog.. Which sucks coz i cant upload pics at will.. Fuck la..

Anyhoo..Will try to get into the 'mood' to blog with pics soon.. I just hate to think what will happen to my pc if this goes on..