Friday, March 04, 2005

Okie..Finally got into the mood.. Wed was my dreaded Econs test.. Wasnt too bad in the end..Qns were mostly repeats from the last paper.. So was lucky that I did the practice paper..

Now here's a rare sight..Me taking a pic of myself in specs.. I hate how I look in specs..So bloody nerdy.. Like a teacher.. Hehe..

Speccie Me..

We all decided to head to Zouk that day czo we REALLy needed to destress.. But first we headed to Pizza Hut for a well deserved lunch..Enjoyed myself coz I was laughing away at Charles's and Kelvin's antics..

I bloody well overslept and was rushing to get ready to meet the girls at Orchard.. That's why I look so bloody tired and harried.. But still had time to take lots of self-obsessed pics!!

Lala..I'm a Zoukster..

Yes..You Can Watch.

Mambo was okie I guess..The company was good but the music..err..a lil off laa.. But i still had a bloody good time..Mel decided to I knew I had a great dancing partner!! We had LOADS of drinks..Vodka Lime,Vodka Red Bull, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Orange..Phew..All that vodka made me feel damn good..

We took alot of photos at Orchard too..Jiahui's camera phone is so fuckin happening..Bloody big and clear..Sumi Envious*

Rest Of The Night...

Am so bloody tired now..Went for Sakae buffet again just now..Spur of the moment thing.. Damn satisfied.. Then went to Daf's toy shop and relived my childhood and embarrased myself at the same time by getting excited over all the cool toys in the shop and playing with them..Haha.. Cant believe I'm a fuckin undergrad..

Then went shopping for my baby's birthday prezzie..Might as well get it done whilst I have the cash..Got him something i KNOW he really wants..Cant blog it coz he might just read this blog..

An oooooooo... Guess who I saw in Bloomington's at Heeren?? The scenario goes at below..

Me- Browsing through the cute cards and stuff and notices a tall male lurking near the romantic card section..complete with aviator shades and trucker cap..proceeds to ignore male..

Me- Suddenly turns back and looks again... Gasps a lil..Runs to Daf..

Me: (Whispers) Daffffffff...That's Taufik right?????

Daf: (Turns to look, Eyes go wide) isss!!

Then both of us pretend not to affected by the presence of a local celebrity within touching distance whilst I sneakily take a pic of him choosing a romantic card!!

Hehe..Spore Idol sighting..

Actually he's quite tall la..Taller than you would think..And he didnt stay incognito very long..Very soon girls were also jabbing each other and then gusshing over him..asking to take photos with him..Sigh..Must be nice to have ppl fawn over you like that!! Then again..the poor guy couldnt even get his shopping done and left soon after...

Wokay...That was a bloody long post...*Yawn* Gtg get some shut eye now..