Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am still computerless..Sadly..

Havent been getting much sleep the past week..Had an Econs test yesterday..Which yours truly aced!! And I just printed out my HR report which is due today...Another 2 more major reports to go and exams in 3 weeks!!! Arrrghhhh...

I so miss being able to blog at will..Nowadays I'm like a bloody sex deprived pervert only I'm internet deprived.. I look forward to coming to school just to boot up the comp at the lab an hear the gentle whirring of a working computer.. Now that I'm not blogging all the time, it's so hard when I get to blog..I seem to have blogger block!! So I shall just vomit out all my thoughts...

-I actually have loads of pics to upload and share but ya know the drill..No fuckin pc..

-My bf's birthday is tommorrow..Yes I know..It's April Fool..What to do..He refused to stay in any longer..He wanted to be a fooll..Heheh..I still love ya hun..

-I have horrible eyebags!! I never used to have eyebags!! I loooooooooooookkk yuckyyy!!

- Monica's sister is getting married in November!! I'm so super excited for her.. Thank god I'm not the first.

- Uncle Toby's strawberry yoghurt covered muesli bars are super yummy..

- My sandal broke just before my test in school yesterday..So poor me was hobbling and dragging my sandal around sch whilst ppl were showering concern over me, opening doors for me coz they thought I sprained my ankle!! I eventually took a cab to Clementi to get new heels..Which I love!!

Okie..Enuff of my memory vomit.. Gtg for a proj meeting now..No rest for the weary..