Monday, March 07, 2005

I remember you...I remember me.. In the bus.. Just ONE Halls mint.. Both of us.. Lips tingling..

Went for the NTU Taal show on Sat coz the bf's brother was taking part in the dance competition.. Caught the NP drama group whom left me laughing and laughing.. They were bloody good.. But the whole show was quite poorly coordinated.. I mean they invited the guest of honour up to stage but no one was there to lead him up..And when he got there..there was no podium or anything..Quite rude actually.. And they charged 10 bucks a ticket!!! *Mumbles*

Then on Sun went to TCS for a Movesh recording..Was good to hang out with Ananthi again..Had a good talk and great laughs.. Was feeling under the weather so thank god the bf drove me home.. And I guess the feeling continued coz I'm SOOO sick now.. Popped 2 yellow flu tablets in the afternoon and zonked out for 5 hours.. But I had to wake up to watch Desperate Housewives.. How fun is that show?!!?

Project deadlines are so getting to me..I have a freakin major presentation due the week after EXAMS!! Its like..You don't get to rest even AFTER the freakin exams..Still have to prepare the final DPP proj and presentation..

*Sneeze..Reaches for yet ANOTHER tissue* Gtg take a few more of those happy pills and sleep..I feel so wretched and horrible..Someone save me..