Friday, March 11, 2005

Havent you ever wished you were someone else?? Or have something someone else has?? Like usually people are placed into categories..Well most people do.. For the purpose of this entry I'm only gonna use females..well..coz we rock.. *smile*

There's the rich girl..The one most superficial people want to befriend on account of her picking up the tab whenever they go out.. The one who doesnt give a rat's ass on blowing $10,000 on a fucking bag.. The one who goes for weekly spa/manicure/pedicure visits..The one who looks at you incredously if you say you are broke and can't go clubbing this week.. *Looks at checklist..Nope I'm not a rich girl..)

There's the amazingly gorgeous girl.. The one who sooo irritatingly manages to look bloody beautiful at a 9 am lecture on a Monday morning.. The one who does not makeup to cover flaws..The one who does NOT have ANY flaws.. The one who pooh-poohs at compliments on her looks.. The one who attracts the most attention in a group from guys.. ( I am DEF not a gorgeous girl)

The clever girl... The brainy one who manages to get amazingly super high grades without effort.. The one who puts us all to shame with her wonderfully analytical mind.. The one whom the lecturers will announce as President's Scholar etc during graduation..The one our parents will point at and say 'Why couldnt you have studied like her??' ( Once again..NO)

The socialite.. The one who's job is to party and have fun 24/7.. The one who's network of friends extend across the fuckin globe.. The one everyone knows of at a club..The one who constantly has a gaggle of people surrounding her at all times.. The one who most of the time doesnt need to pay to get in at clubs.. ( I prob could have become a mini-socialite if I didnt get attached!! Haha)

The loner.. The one who is considered anti-social..The one whom everyone would prob try to draw into their group initially but only to discover she actually LIKES to be alone.. The one whom has difficulty finding a group for projects.. The one who is truly calling out for friends.. ( Nope..I dun think so..)

So who am I?? I get so irritated at myself sometimes.. Why couldnt I be this way..Why couldnt I be that way?? I don't really fir into any particular category..I suppose practically, no one fits into one specific category huh?? Its just amazing how humans want to,or rather need to, shelve everybody accordingly..It makes us feel safe knowing we are not part of the weird group as defined by us.. That we belong..That we truly have friends who are like us..

Till I find myself..I guess I should be content to have a great family and wonderful friends.. I feel I'm getting old though.. That I should not dress or act a certain way.. But in my mind I'm still young..Why the fuck shouldnt I get that trucker cap I want??? So I will..After hunting for a perfect-not so loud one..

Just needed to blog that down..