Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Phew..The worst is over..OSD's over and done with..Hopefull we'll get a good grade.. And I did promise ya all pics..So here goes..Told ya I got lotta stares coz i did my hair differently.. But I dun see anything extraordinary abt it...Do you??

OSD's Over...

Okie Okie..Enuff Of Me...

We went for sushi the other day and went camera mad..Posing like tourists in Heeren..Again ppl were staring..What..Its a crime to have fun and take pics with your friends? Sigh.. Can you tell I LOVE my Zara tops??

Yet Another Sushi Day..

Friday was Ananthi's birthday..So me and Bavani had a suprise birthday thinghy at East Coast..We told her we just wanted to meet her there for a girly get together.. But we called most of the dancers and her sis and bro-in-law.. Prima Deli has the most gorgeous cake..The chocolate fudge one..Ooo.. It took us a lot of will power not to gorge into the cake before she got there..

She was super suprised when she got there..Didnt really expect the cake and stuff.. I got her this cutest sunflower which danced and sang 'You are my sunshiiiinneee" Hehehe.. All in all..it was a pretty good day.. And if ya noticed..Zara top again!!

Ananthi's Birthday..

Exams are cominnnnnnn...In 3 weeks!! I am sooo dead.. And the bf is going to Taiwan smack in the middle of my exam period, for about a month.. Sniff sniff.. Life is gonna be crappy... But hopefully the girls will be coming back soon..Like in 2 months..Just in time for my holidays..

For my parting gift..A pic of me doing what I do best..Whoring it up for the camera..

Ya Betta Like What Ya See..