Monday, April 11, 2005

Bloody Blogger didnt let me sign in for so long..*Mumbles*

In school 10am..Waiting for the rest of my grp members to show up..Again..

Xiaxue wrote a really interesting piece for the New Paper yesterday..About fashion in Singapore..And I so agree with her..Everywhere you turn, you see carbon copies of whatever one girl is wearing-the staple tank top with jeans or mini skirt.. And everytime someone tries something new, ppl either stare and point or giggle in their self obsessed cliques.. True, there may be ppl who take 'different and new' to a WHOLE new level..Eg: White balloon skirt with red polka dots and a green tee with white lettering..I swear to god I saw a girl in school dressed like this..

I have like 3 pairs of boots at home..Lovely high heeled objects of desire..And how I really wanna wear them is with my jeans tucked into them..How cool right?? But sadly I don't..cause like many others, I KNOW ppl will start staring and giggling.. Does that make me a coward? Well..Would you want the whole of Orchard laughing at you just because you dared to do something diff?

Hmmmm..But from what I've noticed..Ppl will laugh at ya initially..Then go home and think that the look actually kicks ass..Then they'll also start doing it..And very soon, we'll have a fashion 'Do' on our hands..And there goes the originality we craved for..

Today I decided to buck the trend and tied all my hair to the side..Very Beyonce in 'Emotions'.. And what do you know..Ppl were staring like I was an alien from outer space.. Well, screw them all coz I look good! Hehehe..Pics will be up soon..

The bottom line..Be original.. Don't be boring..Perk yourself up.. You never know who you may run into when you're out..Ex boyfriends, Girls you detest but who dun know you detest them so you have to give this fake smile to, Hot guys you are really into, Model scout, Your soul mate..

Wokay..Back to editing this bloody report..