Monday, April 04, 2005

I know ya all havent seen my ugly pic for a while now..So here for your viewing pleasure..I present the pissed off-havent had my dinner-still waiting in the car look..

Miss Me?

My bf's so weird or sweet..depends on how you see it.. It was his birthday on Fri and I had already bought his gifts a month ago.. I knew he craved the big buckle kind of belt with a lil bling bling.. So I got him one.. A very expensive one... And what does he do on HIS birthday??

Buy me gifts!!! He bought me the 'S' necklace I've been craving..Bloody gorgeous I tell ya!! And on top of that..He got me Miami Glow by J.LO!!! I could have died!! I so love that scent..Was pretty touched, although at that point of time, I behaved typically Indian and went..' Aiyoh why you waste money!!'..Hehehe..

Happy Birthday!!

Movesh and Ananthi were recording 2 songs on Sunday so I went to help out.. I loved Ananthi's outfit though I would look like a pig in it..That girl has ideas for everything laa..

Movesh So Rules...


Woke up bloody early for a proj meeting today, only to discover half my members either late or not coming.. Was a lil pissed for a while but it didnt last very long coz they did have valid reasons..Just wished I could have slept in coz the weather was soooo tempting.. But we managed to discuss a few issues and then headed to Clementi for lunch.. Felt restless so went for a jog..

Discovered a new photo editing software and I can't stop playing with it.. Therefore I give you the new and improved me..

New Effect...

If you see carefully, I'm wearing one of my new Zara tops! Of which I'm going to get in another few colours soon.. I love it so much..So ppl go and get Zara tops.. I saw one off the shoulder top goin for $7.90..but I didnt like the colour..

Oops..My comedies are starting on StarWorld..