Thursday, April 07, 2005

Okie..Finally realising the down sides of blogging..Pls turn attention to Fleur's comments on my tag board.. And say WTF!!!!!!

Sigh.. As I've mentioned..We've been together too long and know each other too well for me NOT to trust him.. What's more..He's a useless liar!! Hehe..Really..He sucks at it..So no real chance of doing anything behind my back.. It really makes me wanna laugh out loud actually..The poor thing has no time eat what with exams and work at the same time..You think he has time to fool around??

Anyhoo..*Brushes the comment off her shoulder*, stayed in school for a good 8 hours today compiling OSD 2.. Was really tired by the time my damn-sure-is-NOT-a-cheater bf came to fetch me home.. But he bought so much food for my family for dinner..I was sooo touched.. Esp since I was starving from not eating the whole day before..

Oooo...They're looking for Spore's Beyonce lookalike on Sat.. Would really like to go down...

To see the show laa..Then what??

TAKE PART??? Hahaha..*Rolls on floor laughing*

Beyonce would instantaneously vomit blood and turn pale with the very thought.. So lets not cause the world's hottest woman any distress.. And not even think of joining..

Yawn...Have to go back to my compiling..