Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Blogger is so screwing up on me in terms of photo posting.. *Mumbles*

So I've been thinking about phobias recently..And I seem to have quite a few..

1) Twisting my ankle.. This phobia is so bad..Everytime I walk out of the house (esp in heels)..the scene of me twisting my ankle keeps replaying in my mind..I can actually hear the crack of my ankle as I fall sideways and my entire body weight falls on the side of my ankle.. *Cringe*.. It gets so bad I physically cringe and grind my teeth in public whenever I get this mental replay..

2) Falling down a flight of stairs.. This one actually happened, that's why I'm so paranoid now.. About 4 years ago, me being me, thought that 5 inch heels looked fantastic on me (actually they did..but coming back to the point).. And happily proceeded to climb down the stairs at Lakeside MRT station.. Before I knew it, I was tumbling down the stairs.. And the best part..Instead of helping me up this bloody old man was tutting behind me 'Already so tall la girl, still want to wear heels' *Mumbles*

3) Being alone in this sometimes cruel world.. I like my alone time as much as the next person..But can you imagine not having ANYONE for you in the entire world??

Okie I guess these are my top three most terrifying ones.. The rest are pretty trivial, normal stuff like failing exams (Touchwood!)..

I was pretty down yesterday coz we got back out OSD report 1 results back.. It could clearly be seen that the lecturer circled the Distinction heading..But we got a Credit instead..Not that a Credit isnt great..esp for a module like O-bloodyfuckingtuff-SD.. But the thought that we were actually given a Distinction and then it was taken away from us..Sniff sniff..So sad.. But couldnt really feel sad for long coz I went out for yet another sushi buffet with the SIM gang.. And then to counter the sadness I felt, I went for yet another round of retail theraphy! More Zara tops and a gorgeous shade of MAC's lipgloss..Yum..Felt better instantly..

Okie..Gtg prove that lecturer wrong by working esp hard for OSD report 2 and earn that bloody distinction..