Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Some people have no originality..

I hate it when people copy my style..Esp my writing style.. I spent alot of time on my blog and how I want it to flow.. So when I see duplicates of my writing on other people's blogs..I get hopping mad.. Maybe its unintentional..But it's so damn obvious at times.. I mean a blog is supposed to be your own thoughts, feelings and your own way of expressing yourself.. Not copying certain key ideas and key words.. *Mumbles* You know who you are..

Now that I got that out of my system...I am sooooo fucked..Revision wise.. *Kicks myself*.. And to think I actually went to watch not one but two movies over the week.. Die..So gonna die..

And I still have the gall to agree to accompany Ananthi to this tradeshow thinghy for TV12 on Friday..Its some Bollywood themed thinghy which we have to get all dressed up for..And I can't wait! Coz its been ages since I last REALLY dressed up and felt all feminine.. But guess what..That means there goes one more whole day during which I COULD be studying.. Bleh..

Okie..Super sleepy and tired from jogging round the track 6 times..