Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Don't go pissing me off early in the morning Fleur... Just fuck off from my page.. Seriously.. You're seriously starting to behave like a pesky mosquito.. So buzz off..

Okie..Now that I got that out of my system.. Today was the most boring day ever.. Was studying a lil in the morning..But then CSI:NY started and I couldn't resist.. After Oprah, I played Sim City 4 and am now blogging.. What a waste of a perfectly good day.. Kinda reminded me of my bumming days..I bummed for 6 months straight..I kid you not... I could tell ya what show played at what time, on what channel..

I was just uploading all my pics into Snapfish and discovered I have like 40 plus albums..And a whole album dedicated to shots of myself! That's alot of photos.. My siblings always complain that all my self-taken shots are basically the same angle and same pose..Just different backgrounds.. And I agree..The reason for it being I look so bleh in photos taken by others.. I have a specific angle that I look good in and I wish to look good in photos..

I can't believe RMIT is scheduling the DPP presentation 3 days after out last paper.. Bloody idiots.. And its a bloody major presentation as well..Not some basic power point slides thinghy.. I am so fucked.. Need to get my ass down to my revision..