Sunday, April 03, 2005

Guess who's back..

My darling computer *sayangs computer*, decided to cut short its vacation and come back to me.. Yay!!

Went to watch Miss Congeniality 2 with my sibling's and my bro's friends at Great World..How could I resist going into Zara whilst I was there??? So I gave in to temptation..Saw Chandru there but zoomed straight to the off the shoulder tops.. I even made my sister buy a Zara top (which coincidently fits me wonderfully too..Hehe)

It sucks how people judge ppl based on looks.. Its actually quite sickening.. Just because you don't fit in with society's vision of how you should look (ie: stick thin with no flesh what so ever), you face subtle discrimination and outward rejection. Pls ppl..Wake up..Don't ever judge a person based on looks.. You never know who you'll be hurting..

Gtg get some sleep.. Need to get up pretty early and head to TCS..