Monday, April 25, 2005

Friday was the Bollywood thinghy for TV12..Sorta like a tradeshow to introduce TV12's lineup for the coming year to all the advertisers and such.. It was so fun dressing up and taking lots of pics with the lovelies.. But I felt so out of place among all the skinny minnies in saris.. Sigh.. Now I'm damn motivated to do more cardio.. I also think I looked like shit in a sari..Now I'm not saying this coz I want sympathy comments from friends.. Seriously I was disgusted with myself.. Look for yourself..

I Like My Flower!

Bollywood Night..

Blah Blah Blah

Guess Who wasnt as funny as I expected.. And yes..I actually watched a movie again.. And my 1st paper is on Fri.. Wonderful eh?

The bf's flying off on the 3rd..Which is just wonderful considering I have 2 papers after that.. No moral support..No one to whine to.. No one to buy me banned Red Bull after I promise to make it my last (Yeah right).. For a whole freaking month!!! Hopefully my gals will be back by then..

I should get my ass back to studying... But the lure of blogging and blog surfing was just too much.. Everyone pls go read Ambi's recent post on Blog-entries-copiers and anon-comments-leavers.. You will understand how I feel then..

Back to structural issues and recruitment methods..