Friday, April 15, 2005

I've been gymming the past week and discovered this HOT guy at Bukit Gombak gym... He's of some mixed race and OMG..He's so super hot.. I was with my bf using the cable machine and this embodiment of hotness turned and asked if he could share the machine with us.. Damn right you can..You can share anything with me!! Hehehe.. And my bf so instinctively knew that I found him hot coz he turned and gave me a smile that said "I KNOW"... He knows coz I rarely find any guy hot..I have very specific tastes..

I'm so mean.. But I cant help if the guy was there and sweating it out wearing a sleeveless tee which was sticking to his rock hard body.. Hahahaha.. Shall stop now lest I turn into a Sandra Brown wannabe..

But you want hot guys and dun wanna have to travel to places like Brazil to see them?? Travel to Malacca!! And then visit the Portugese settlement.. OMG.. The place is teeming with good looking dudes.. And if you're lucky, one might even be the one who takes your order when you're having dinner at one of the many seafood stalls there.. *Swoon*

*Slaps herself*

Oooo...Happy Belated New Year to all my Hindu blogders!! And Vishu greetings to my fellow Malayalee blogders as well.. Vishu is the Malayalee new year for those who didnt know.. Me being on a no rice diet, didnt get to eat the yummy vegetarian food and had to settle for the salad and papadam..Which strangely went well together..

I REALLY should be studying..I mean I was.. But I just HAVE to go watch Mumbai Express coz its a Kamal movie!! And Kamal's my first love..Way before Vikram.. Hehe..

So I'm gonna sneak in at least another chapter in before getting ready to go out..