Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sometimes i feel that I'm being taken for granted..Like.."Sumi's always gonna be there for me and she'll do anything I ask her to".. It feels like shit..

I had the most boring-est day ever.. Watched the 70's show.. Fez is gorgeous and extremely funny.. "Row row row your boat,gently down the stream, Soapy soapy scrubby scrubby,Fez is nice and clean!" or "Say America Fez.. Amedica..No it's A-ME-RI-CA... A-ME-DI-CA..." Hahahaha.. I love Fez..

Should have been revising but nooooo...went to get more Garnier stuff.. I love their products.. and got the new Shape magazine.. Not FAIRRR...the girls on the cover are always soooo gorgeous..Not stick thin but healthy looking..

Tonight we shall all have the honour of watching the GODDESS of the music world perform on TV for 2 whole freakin hours... YES...you're right...It's BEYONCE... Who else didya think?? Britney Spears??? Ewww..Yuck.. Beyonce's hot..hot..hot... Who else wants to make out with her??? hahaha..The rest of ya'll prob want to be her rite??? Hahaha.. I know I wouldn't mind..

I wanna eat MILO ice cream..Can't believe I havent tried it yet..What with me being a newly converted MILO peng addict.. By who else..But the original MILO peng queen..Joanne!!

Lalalala Lalalala....ELMO songggggggg!!!