Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Apparently there's something wrong with the bloody cookies and have to clear some cache thinghy in my computer(!!??!!)..Coz i can bloody post in school but not at home.. Sigh...Anyone can help with this?? There's always this strange outline in my post box as well as my hotmail accnt...Can't type in both!!

On to sch matters..In school now doing MOR and ER projects...Once these 2 are finished, i'll just have 1 more to go!! But can't be too happy then..EXAMS!!!

Don't even think i can enjoy my Deepavali preparations this year..well..the price to pay and all that shit.. I havent even seen my mum this the time she comes home, i would have left for school already..And i see my bf once a week nowadays..and that's only when he has the time during the weekends!

Joanne called from aussie land yesterday.. Had a long chat with her..laughing and laughing... Cant wait for them to get back... Miss all my girlies.. I have people inviting me to go clubbing all the time, but its just not the same without these 3 gals.. NOT that i actually have time AND money to go laa..Hahaha..No work life balance...

Need to go shopping laa..Bloody hell, i dun have any new clothes at all...And accessories...Need to get a nice belt and some earrings..Though my mum will kill me if i get any more earrings, shoes and bags..

I'll prob start fasting soon for Thimithi (Firewalking Ceremony)...Want to take Kumbudathanam(??) this year..Hope I'll be successful and not be unable to finish..For all my non indian friends..Its a ritual where ladies take 3 steps (one foot after another) and kneel..this process is repeated around the temple 1 or 3 times.. so its quite tedious and hell on the knees..But its only done when you pray for something.. My baby's doing the firewalking..It'll be his 2nd year.. No talkin,seein, touchin,no nothing for like 3 weeks!!!

Okie laa..Gtg do this project..