Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Isn't it strange that once you're attached..all the other guys who suddenly are interested in you come out of the woodwork?? Sighz...

Still can't post my pics yet.. Stoopiaks.. Well this weekend was quite errr interesting..

Went to meet Vijay and had lunch..rushed back to get ready to go for the lantern festival dinner thinghy.. Wat a disappointment.. The food sucked!! It was cold and eeewww... Then my dad sent me to Orchard where I met my baby and his friends.. Went clubbing andI actually fell asleep when I was in the club!! Like everyone was dancing around me and I was asleep on the table!!So damn tired from all those projects.. Quite embarrasing..

Then on Sunday went to Shuyun's ROM at the Carlton..Will post more on this with pics!

I really feel so burned out..Like one project after another.. Sighz.. I wanna see DodgeBAlllllllllllll.... Lovely Ben Stiller!!

I wanna go dancing!!