Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yaay..More photos...Can't seem to find the ones i want though..Oh well.. Let me introduce you to one of my good friends..tadaaaaa..Rooben!!! I was Rooben's mystery woman in a song he sang on TV (Venmathi)..Ya know..the one who comes in a sari, seduces the male singer, then leaves him all alone!! Hahaha..we actually parcticed steps all ya know..but in the end just impromptu stuff..And i wore this huge ass long wig!! Wah liao bloody heavy leh.. Anyhoo Rooben is a WONDERFUL singer..But unfortunately he's in the States at the moment..But i'll make sure he comes back in time for my wedding! (hhahaa..which is like years away!) I miss ya Rooben..

Me and Rooben..

And this is another pic of me my baby at the airport..He lurveeeees his denim jacket.. He has 2 and counting..I think this is the Levis one..The other is from Zara..i tell ya..this boy has more branded clothes than me.. Everytime we go shopping, its always Zara, Levis, Topman or some other shit laa..Expensive boy..But i still luvs ya!!

At the airport

Okie okie..My 7pm Chinese serial is on..