Sunday, September 26, 2004

Who's happier than me??? No one...I got me a new phone!!!! Like after eons of holding a 'dappa' phone and then begging my sis to lend me her phone..I finally get a spanking new phone which is sooo me! Its the sony ericsson T630..and I luvs it! I love the look..the wonderful camera..the nice purple layout i chose..mmm.. My bro told me that the ad for this phone was the one where the guy looked like he was taking a photo with a camera then it turned out to be a phone..It's that phone!!

My New Phone!

Finally manage to steal some photos of mine from my bf's place..This is my bf's extremely cute and bright cousin, Kirthika.. Everyone say awwwwwww.. She clung to me the whole day when i went to my bf's place for Deepavali last year..and everyone who came to the house was like..'Woah when did ya have the kid? never call me for the wedding also!'..haha..dumb jokers..


This was taken at the end of a very looong day of Deepavali visiting..Explains the tired but satiated faces.. I love my sari here..But not sure if i can go through another day of Deepavali visiting in a sari again..But saris nowadays damn nice laa... Hmmm.. And notice how Extremely long my nails were!!! My god..I didnt realise what the big hoopla was all about when people kept telling me they were really long..Until i saw this pic.. Unfortunately I cant see to get them to grow at all now..Damn..

Deepavali 03

Okie laa..So sleepy..need to catch up on me beauty sleep..