Monday, September 27, 2004

Lalala...Only 1 project to go! Woo Hoo..

Went to watch Dodgeball today after class..Didnt go last week coz we went to eat and jalan jalan at ECP instead.. God..Ben Stiller is the god of comedy.. But I still think Something Abt Mary was his funniest..Haha..

How many of ya think that couples nowadays are getting younger and younger??? Like freakin 11 yr olds are goin steady!! I'm serious!!! Like where do they go on dates?? So creepy..I'm keeping my daughter/son locked up till 16..Even then I still think it's pretty stupid to get together.. Oh Well..My Two Cents..

And what's with women and their thongs showing over their pants or skirts?? Yeah yeah blame the hipsters and shit..But there's such a thing called a V-backed thong ya know?? Sheesh..I really didnt need to know that my coursemate was wearing a lacy pink thong..

Gotta get my ass back to revision..This soo sucks.