Monday, September 13, 2004

Some people... Just don't get it..

Some people... Are just too sensitive..

Some people... Wants the world to revolve around them..

Some people... Just want the attention..

How do you deal with these 'some people'???

The best thing to do would to just ignore them..But this may not be as easy as it seems..

Hahaaha...Okie...On to more important things... I went to NP the other day and saw this girl I knew in Np when I was in yr 3...She lost TONS of weight!!! I was amazed..In fact i couldnt believe it! I went home, searched on Friendster and the pic there confirmed it..MY GOD... like seriously..she was quite big boned and she's like lean...and tall!!! Arrrggghhhh.. How??? I also wannnnnnnnnttttt.....It was such an amazing thing...Not one ounce of fat on her...Sighz....

I need new shoess...and earrings..and a few skirts.. and this top from Chaos...and new nail polish..Mmmm...Most importantly..I need cash!!! donate at right now and stand to win a balloon which Sumi blew up!! hahaha...

Yes..I do realize I've gone bonkers..What to do..Need to deal with 'some people' in my life.... ( Speaking f which..I received a strange call this morning around 6am..from a pte number...Only ppl with no balls will do shit like this..)