Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hell yeah I am...But I just don't have the time nor energy to do anything remotely fun related... To all my lovely friends, sorry I am unable to answer your calls or talk to ya for too long.. I would love to but I really don't think I would be a good conversationalist with anyone at the moment... God please let these 3 weeks of madness pass ASAP..

On a lighter note..I skipped class voluntarily for the 1st time in SIM...That calls for a celebration right??? Lychee red tea with extra pearls???? Mmmmmmmmm.... I just switch from Lemon..

Have ya all noticed young gals getting skinnier and skinnier??? Its quite scary laaa... To be slim is one thing..To be stick thin is another... Nowadays whenever I go for a wedding or function, I see all these skinny girls parading in next to nothing clothes...I'm not against next to nothing clothes(quite the opposite actually!!!).. But I think that actually having something to fill out the clothes would be a good idea.. No???

Hahaha... Guess some people would perceive me as being jealous..Hell No!!! Who wants to be a bag of bones..My bf would ditch me in an instant...Hahaha