Thursday, September 23, 2004

Finally managed to get my scanner fixed..So got all excited over being able to scan my old photos!!

This one was taken at Jeeva Gaanam 1999 i think..I'm on the left with the EXTREME short hair! How..nice or not?? Am contemplating cutting it this length again.. Let me know peeps.. And look who's in the photo with us???!!! CHANDRAMOHAN..only like one of the hottest men on Vasantham...Oh should soooooo hear his voice..As my lecturer says, its not about the looks..its the CHARISMA!! And boy does this guy have it...*Flutters fingers* Oh Oh..And this was the day my baby first saw me and in his own words, 'Fell in lust with me!!" hahahahaha..

Its ChandraMohan!!!

And this is a neoprint I really like..Nice???

Me and My Babyy...

Okay going to find more pics to scan..Later..