Monday, June 21, 2004

Sometimes I feel I'm too nice to people..Let's take the sales staff of Singapore.. Granted there are some just nice-not so pushy-I'll just mind my business till you need me staff around..But some are just argghh..

I walk into Seiyu Bugis to grab a last minute Father's Day gift on Saturday(Yes yes I know..I'm a horrible daughter). I knew what I wanted,where it was and how much it was..I just needed to grab it and run to catch my movie..But NOoooooooooo...The irritating saleswoman had to shove various other shirts into my arms and started describing how much was each before discount,after discount, whether it was long sleeved or short sleeved,what other colours it was available in..I think if I had let her continue, she would have told me the what country the thread used to sew the shirt was from,who stiched the shirt and which kind soul packaged the damn shirt!

But being the sometimes nice person I am, I stood there whilst she rambled on and then shoved all the shirts back to her with a polite "I already know what I want aunty".. I think it was the 'aunty' which made her shut up.. Then I made my quick getaway and paid for my shirt..

However we have species from the opposite side of the spectrum..The 'I am above you and this job,Go away and don't disturb me with your pathetic purchases' kind of creatures..
You go to the counter to make your purchase and are greeted with a sulky face who grabs your stuff,scans it and stuffs it in a plastic bag,before bellowing out '$19.50'..Note the abscence of a 'Please'.. After handling the transaction as if it's a burden you put upoun her shoulders, she hands over the bag and looks over your shoulder with a curt 'Next'..

No 'Thank you'..No 'See you again'..No nothing!!! In fact most times I lay on the Thank you's really thick on purpose, so that the staff looks suprised and sometimes a lil guilty..Hmmph!

On the subject of politeness..I'm getting REALLy pissed off with people on the pavements,roads,anywhere with human traffic... If you want to get past me from behind or if I am blocking your way,Open your fucking mouth and say 'Excuse me'.. It will not cause you to contract AIDS and die a horrible death.. Don't just stand there expecting me to move..Don't give the person walking with me looks so that they can tell me to move so that you can pass..Contrary to popular belief,I DO NOT have eyes at the back of my head! WTF!! The most I can say to these people as they pass by is,'No mouth ah..Cannot say Excuse me ah..%#%$!!*..' Okay I don't swear so loud laa..Hehheee..