Monday, June 07, 2004

I know all my friends have experienced one form of racism or another..As for me there will be one incident I will never forget. I was travelling back home from NP in a 184 bus and sat in the front..ya know the one where the two seats face the other..I was dead tired and really not in the mood for any crap.There was this mother and daughter team sitting opposite me.THe daughter's pretty young..But she managed to open her BIG FAT mouth,point to me and say 'Mommy..Apunanae!!'..Not once but thrice loud enough for everyone to hear..And what did the wonderful mother say?? 'Yah la girl'

WTFFFFFFFF!!??! I was so pissed I felt like smacking the lil she devil of a child and bitch smack the fool of the mother..I just said to the mother'You really should teach your child some manners..Oh wait..You have to learn them yourself first,I guess' Something along those lines la..She actually gave me a angry glance..I gave her a WHAT look and proceeded to give her dirty looks for the rest of the journey..

This happens frequently to Indians,young or old all the freaking time.For a country who devotes an entire day to Racial Harmony, it's pretty shitty. Some other examples would be..Chinese ladies sitting next to me on the bus or MRT but sitting at the VERY edge like they are gonna fall off! Like WTF?? Do I have some unknown to me virus??Then don't freaking sit next to me..I enjoy sitting by myself anyway.I don't need your pasty skin touching mine..

Or ppl physically cringe or make disgusted faces or noises when old Indian ladies sit next to them..PPL it's called COCONUT OIL!! Deal with it..It's not like it smells like shit or anything..Sheesh..If you can't take the smell..Just move away quietly without fuss.

Okay okay..Enough ranting for one day..Gonna watch the first Harry Potter movie now..