Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My mum,Me and My Sis...

Finally after like 5 yrs my family decided to go for a picnic and I managed to convince them to go to Sentosa since it's been AGES since I last went.. And my mum made soooo much food..You won't believe it! But it was a good day although I did slip on some rocks and cut my hand..Okay okay..I was being stupid and tried to climb rocks which were slimy with algae and proved to be very slippery..And I fell and cut my hand! Hmph..So bloody unlucky..This has not been a good week for me injuries wise..

And we took soo many photos at Sentosa but I like this one of me the best..I camo my body so cleverly!!And my mum's wearing sleeveless for like the 1st time in her adult life!!Shawn came too and he cut his leg too on some rocks..Poor thing..NOT!!

I just came to know Vasantham's having another tertiary arts competition..Damn me for graduating so fast from NP!! Hehe..I so would have loved to take part..As a current member of NPICS told me..The year me and my friends left was the last time NPICS won 1st place for dance..Hehe..But I do believe the current batch has some very clever ideas and can dance..Sometimes it all comes down to luck..But we did rule last time!

Okie..enough bragging..Time to watch Tv..