Saturday, June 05, 2004

My wonderfullly red mirror!

I went to IKEA on friday and bought alot of red stuff! I bought this cool red tile mirror for like $25!! I havent started renovating my room yet but I couldnt resist buying this mirror..It was just so me! So I've decided to do my room in colours lile orange,red and yellow..Oh I bought lovely smelling candles from IKEA too..Mulberry scented RED candles!!Mmmmm..

Today I had to follow my parents to Msia for a morning wedding..Aiyoh so bloody crowded but it was fun to see all the relatives..Although I did get asked when my turn was! I tell ya..I keep getting that question asked all the time nowadays..Arent people happy to see me sane??

I can't believe I havent seen Harry Potter yet..I would have gone on Thursday but I promised to bring my siblings to watch as well..But my brother had work and my sis had choir so I'll prob go tommorrow..But they're showing the first movie tommorrow at 7.45pm!! Must go before that..

Rubs eyes..Gtg put eye drops in..