Friday, June 11, 2004

Why do people cheat?? Notice I use people and not MEN..Although men do cheat a zillion times more than women..There are women who cheat as well, so I'm being politically correct..(Yeah right,you know I'm SO gonna rag on men)

The main reason,in my point of view,would be the attention or thrill of someone new.. When a couple has been dating for quite some time, they fall into a rut..Don't you remember the ZING feeling when you date someone new?? The tingling sensation you get at the bottom of your stomach when you see that new bf or gf?? Well when you are with someone for a time,unfortunately that ZING feeling gets less and less..

Now I'm not saying the the love is not there but people being people get curious and want to explore to find that feeling again..And all you MEN out there..Women get these feelings all the time..When we go clubbing and see a cute guy,when you piss us off and a cute friend seems WAY more attractive than you,when we go shopping and we get hit on by guys..But we don't act on these urges..(Well most of us!)..In fact it's a real ego boost for all of us..

But most men may take the coy glances and flirty dances as more than an ego boost..They seem to think that a casual affair with another women proves that they are the alpha male and that all guys do it..(Come to think of it,statistics show that 95% of all men will cheat at one point of their life or another..Scary huh)

And most men have confessed that they do not think of their partners when indulging in the act of devouring the forbidden fruit..They assume that as long as we don't find out,we're not gonna get hurt..(And they'll be safe from the abuse we give them too)

Now let's say you have cheated on your girl..She wants details!!! Strange but true..We women know that the details will hurt us,(eg:where you did it,what position,what's her hair colour) but we need to know..Sometimes we will ask you the same question again and again..Don't try to be clever and say "Why you want to ask again laa..Just forget it laa"..Buster, you made the mistake..We can ask WHATEVER we want!

And let's say that your girl decides to forgive you and accepts you back, (Another strange but true statistic: 98% of women who said that they will kick their partner out if they ever cheated, will ultimately take them back in again when they do cheat!) please try to keep your dick in check and not stray again. You've been given a 2nd chance,don't ruin it by doing the nasty again..

What I really don't get is..The gf is usually way prettier and a better catch than the hole where they stick their dick in.. Men!! They just wanna get some all the time..