Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Men are clueless..

Men are REALLY clueless..

Do they seriously think we naturally look perfectly groomed all the freaking time without having to go through various means of torture???

Once,during the earlier part of our relationship, I asked my boyfriend to wait at Little India whilst I went for threading...Now if you don't understand that term,your're definately male or just a very ulu woman..And he's like 'What?? Thread what??'..

So I had to explain that my eyebrows don't naturally look beautifully shaped and perfectly arched..Sad but true..I had perfectly frightful eyebows before.. And to acheive the arched brow look I have to visit one of the many beauty parlours in Lil India to thread my eyebrows..When I went for the first time, I was in tears...

What they do is..They hold one end of the thread with their teeth and then sorta swirl the thread into lil loops around a row of unwnated hair and PULL!!!! This thus rips off a whole bunch of hair at one time and can be terribly painful if you don't pull the skin around your eyebrow tight enough..But the result is

Bigg Eye....

Nice huh??? Well maybe not so nice..But I like it!! I hate using eyebrow pencil coz I always manage to make myself look like a drag queen..i just put too much on..So that's why my eyebrows are not so noticeable..

Anyway I digress..After explaining all this to my bf, He goes 'Painful or not?? But why do you do it if it's painful??'

HELLOOoooooooo...So we look good?? If not you'll have an orang utan walking next to you if we decide to stop shaving under the pits,our legs,eyebrows,facial hair(for some!) and down there..Yes yes...there are some of us to like to neaten things down there..

But that's another post,another day...Keep reading..