Tuesday, June 01, 2004

i'm in gryffindor at hogwarts hall!

Hehe..I got sorted..and I'm in Gryffindor!!How cool is Harry Potter! Yeah yeah..I know I'm 22 and all..but hey..It's a really good series..

Anyhoo..Today I went to Jurong Point with my mum and she ended up buying me stuff at John Little..Hehe..Not much laa, just some eyeshadow and a very nice Pierre Cardin bra that was on sale..My ankle's still a lil sore so I decided not to risk going to the gym today..But I'm going tomorrow..I hate sitting on my arse the whole day..

I was on Irc just now and it still suprises me how many ppl still recognize me from Super Jodi like 2 yrs ago..For ppl who don't know what that is..It was this Best Couple Show thinghy on Vasantham and we were like one of the 3 couples who were not married..So we did'nt stand a chance anyway..But the whole experience was pretty fun..Ppl still recognize us because of the dance we did I guess..We chose this 80's song and I made my bf wear this HUGE ass afro wig I rented and I wore this minidress with bows I sewed on myself..It was sooo cool..Hahaa..But I digress..I mean..even today someone was like arent you the one who took part in that competition?? Quite embarrasing actually!!

Mmmm..Yummy mango..