Thursday, June 17, 2004

With great expectations, I headed off to the newly opened Jurong East Library..Now a lil news flash for people who don't really know me..I'm a real bookworm..I love books and I'm proud to say I visit the library every week! Since my sister was bugging me to bring her to the new library and I was curious as well, I dragged my lazy butt out of bed and reached the library about 11.20am..

Guess what?

The freaking library opens at 12! What library opens at 12?? I just think it's a VERY ploy to get all the unfortunate early birds to go into the cafe which is part of library but opens at 10am! But the chairs there were quite comfy and the danish pastry there was quite delish as well..But I digress..

Many like me,thinking the library opened earlier,came..stared at the door,some nincompoops even knocked and jumped on the mat thinking it would open by them jumping on it! Sheesh..

Then more and more people came till I think there were at least a hundred people waiting outside..I joke not..

Then they opened the doors at 12 sharp and there were some library staff standing in two lines at the doorway greeting people..But did anyone respond??? Nope.. They were just wasting their time standing there greeting all these kiasu people who were more interested in rushing to get tables,seats and beanbags!!!

And the best part of it all was that,the freaking library,despite all the swanky new decor,modern bookshelves,cool couches and comfy beanbags, had virtually NO NEW BOOKS!!!! All the books were ancient and I took a REALLLLLllllyyy long time choosing my books,something which doesnt usually happen..I amaze my family and friends with my ability to choose 8 fantastic books in 10-15 mins!! Quite lame ah!!

Anyhoo, the point is,DON'T go to JE library if you're planning on book borrowing..Go there to chill out,read some comics or magazines on really comfy beanbags,chat with friends or study!