Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Madagascar was great fun.. I loved Melman! Maybe coz I was picturing how David Schwimmer looked like whilst he was voicing the character.. Thank god parents had the sense not to bring lil babies for the show.. Like the babies are actually gonna enjoy the movie and discuss the finer points of the movie over bottles of milk at the next playgroup..

I Like To Move It..Move It!!!

Now..I wanna talk about guys carrying their girlfriend's bags..

Somehow its just wrong, right? To see hunk-y guys toting hot pink, dainty, flower-printed shoulder bags.. *Shivers at thought*

I've seen this phenomenon happen so many times in town, it makes me wanna puke.. And most of the time, it's usually the guy who offers to carry the bag. It's not as if the girl's shoulders are going to be strained from carrying lip gloss, her wallet and her ezlink card. And the dumb girl willingly surrenders her bag not knowing (Or perhaps she does), that her bf ends up looking like a poofy, wussy, sissy...

The only time my bf carries my bag is when it's filled to the brim with my gym stuff or when it's project time and I borrowed 10 books from the library. Even then he only carries it if the bag in question is not wussy in any sense and scans around first to make sure he doesn't see a familiar face.. Not that I want him to carry my bag.. I'm perfectly capable of toting my own bag around and I have security issues on top of that.. I need my bag with me at all times, even when I'm eating..

Coming back to the topic.. So what's the point of it all? What does carrying a girl's bag prove? That you love her so much you don't care you look like a poof?

Boy, please...

I'm off to get my trucker cap in town.. I finally found one I like.. Only thing, it's orange so it'll be bloody hard to match.. Oh well, all that means is that I need to shop MORE for stuff to match my cap! GSS here I come!