Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I agree with ThugChic..Ads are annoying.. But for me the ads are a constant source of temptation.. Let me explain

I worked out with Ananthi today at the Thompson gym..Worked out REALLY hard, for like 2 hours.. Walked out of the gym and what do I see at the bus stop? A bloody KFC advertisement claiming I can get an entire meal for less than 3 bucks.. *Stomach starts to grumble*

*Ignores grumbles as new resolution is to look amazing at upcoming birthday party*

So I get on the bus and proceed to listen to my favorite radio station on my faithful MP3 player.. *Da daa Dat dat daaaa..McDonalds! Buy a meal at blah blah blah* Damn.. *Stomach starts growling*

Then I decide to just switch off the radio and hear songs stored in the player..I look up and see a bloody advertisement for Walls ice cream on TV Mobile.. *Stomach demands food*

I lost all hope and decided the world is against me losing weight when I turned to look outside and saw a Cadbury's ad on another bus, passing by. *Stomach starts a protest and refuses to stop making rude sounds*


But amidst all that temptation, I still peservered and managed to just consume soupy noodles when I got home. But all those ads really got to me on the journey home. I was so tempted to jump off the bus and run to the nearest KFC/Macs and binge my way home.. *Slaps myself hard*

Losing weight is never easy huh? Fuck..I just want all the weight to melt off.. I have recurring dreams where the fats are being liposuctioned out of me and I walk down Orchard Rd in swanky clothes which fit me like a dream. Then I wake up and look in the mirror..Damn..

The main reason I'm on this mission to lose weight would be for my birthday. What started as a simple chalet gathering has turned into a big hoo-ha.. I wanted to celebrate my bd for 2 reasons..

1) I didn't really celebrate my 21st bd..Ya know, the whole princess thing with a DJ, catered food, dancefloor and people you don't really know coming..

2) I'm turning 23 on the 23rd of August!!! That happens only once in a lifetime..

But my darling bf decided he wants to throw me a bigger celebration complete with a DJ, catered food and a dancefloor! Haha..It's still at a chalet but just more grander!

Then I realised that "Oh shit, everyone will be turning up for ME! To look at ME! Me..and all my wholesome fats!" I then started rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac..More like panic laughter. So I mapped out my exercise regime and stopped eating after 8.30pm. Let's see how it goes..

And oooo..I decided on a theme for my party.. Bollywood Fusion!! I think it's gonna be fun but only if people who are invited are spontaneous and agree to dress up according to the theme. All my IB girls, you guys are so invited k! Start planning watcha gonna wear!

Look who's talkin.. I'm the birthday girl and I still have NO clue what I'm going to wear. *Faints*

Oooo..F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is on..