Friday, May 20, 2005

I was just thinking how important our mums are in our life. I cannot imagine my life without my mum- her love, sacrifices,comfort and ability to know what I'm thinking at all times.. And this brings me to my next question. How often do you kiss/hug your mum?

I kiss my mum everyday-whenever she leaves for work or whenever I leave the house during the day. I'll go kiss her even if she's sleeping. It's just a thing in our family. That's why I found it so strange to see my bf NOT kiss or hug his mum at the airport before he left for Taiwan. His parents were in the lift and they just said bye and left. I was dumbfounded. So I asked him when was the last time he kissed his mum..

"Hmmm..I think in Pri 6 after my PSLE"


Apparently affection's not a big thing in his family. But it still saddened me to think that both parent and child are not expressing their love and affection. Somehow the bond is not as strong and the relationship is not as intimate. I immediately started thinking way into the future and asked him if he would kiss our children when they grew up to..

Not suprisingly he said "Of course!".. And I was ashamed that I even asked him that question as kids are his life.. He loves them more than I do, I think.. But for him, it's so difficult to project all these feelings out especially since he stopped all the affection-showing so young. He said his mum would probably faint if he suddenly went up to her and kissed her.

But I think she would be so happy..Don't you?

So my last thought provoking question is this..

Why is it so hard for men to show affection and open up? Is it some programmed code they all have instilled in them? Or do they just wanna act all manly all the time?