Friday, May 06, 2005

Sniff sniff...Shawn left for Taiwan on Tuesday..That was a bloody miserable day for me.. I thought I would be able to handle it..I did initially.. But when he went into Immigration and after he waved till I couldn't see him anymore, the tears just flowed.. I couldn't help it..

And I SO didnt want anyone to see so I hurried away but sadly the wife of his colleague saw me and called her husband to inform him that I was crying.. Then my bf called me from the free phones inside.. I was sitting dejectedly in the train by then.. When I got his call telling me not to cry and all, I started blubbering again... On the freaking train! Sigh.. 5 weeks.. 1 and a half months.. And its only been 3 days.. Ah Fuck..

I Miss My Man..

Just came back from a secondary school mate's house.. She's getting married over the weekend and needed someone to do henna for her.. Another good friend of mine, Azie, saw my post with Monica's henna pics and recommended her.. So I accompanied Monica as well as took the chance to catch up with my sec sch friends.. Oh gosh it's been so long..about 7 freaking years.. So fun gossiping and exchanging tales.. And yet ANOTHER friend getting married.. But all the preparations seem so fun.. But its the 'after the wedding' that's the tough part..

OSD paper today was like shit.. My mind drew a blank so many times and I wasted so much time trying to remember stuff.. Sigh.. Good luck to me.. Next paper is freaking Econs.. Then DPP presentation.. Then holidays!!!! But without my bf or my besties, its not goin to be much fun..

It so doesnt help that his phone has no auto roaming and I have to wait for his call.. Just the idea of not being able to talk to him whenever I want to sucks.. Knowing that he's not just a phone call away..

Sigh.. Am dead tired.. So gonna crash soon..