Monday, May 16, 2005

I was settlling down in my couch on Saturday, The Incredibles DVD was playing and I was happily snacking on choc covered strawberry gummies (I know..I shouldnt be).. Then the call came..

"Wanna go Pradhana Vizha?".. asked Ananthi.

"I have NOTHING to wearrrrrrrrrr!!!".. came my reaction.

So next reflex action... pack anything that looked remotely Pradhana like into a huge bag and head for Ananthi's house.. The only reason she decided to go at the last minute was coz her sister was nominated for best actress and she didn't want to disappoint her..The only reason I wanted to go was coz I've never been before! And it was at the Ritz, so the desserts were heavenly..

Hmmm..My first Pradhana was certainly an experience..

It enabled me to appreciate the finer points of back stabbing and media politics.

I was there when females exclaimed "Oh your outfit's sooo gorgeous! I love the way you did your makeup etc.." and then turn around and whisper to their friend "OMG..She looks so slutty..What was she thinking?"

I was there when nominees congratulated the winners without sincerity..

I was there when nominees who didnt win stormed out of the theatre when the winners were announced.

I was there when females started bitching about each other whilst the award show was happening live and then preening when the cameras started swinging by them.

Certainly reinforced my feelings about certain people in the media..

Anyhoo, I still had a blast with Ananthi and her sis.. It's certainly different when you're at the actual show and when you're watching at home.. But I do think certain awards were given to the wrong people.. Oh well..

Pics From Pradhana

I went out with my Mel, Daf and the gang today and..*smiles sheepishly*.. bought new shades.. Which are soo retro and so me..

Random Me..

Here's a bigger pic if ya can't see clearly in the collage.. Excuse the expression.. Was feeling a lil tired after a whole day walking around Orchard..

Retro No??

I should be blogging a whole lot more nowadays since my hols have started.. And I should be commenting more on all my IB members blogs as well! *Winks*

Ooooo..New Chinese drama..Gtg..