Friday, May 20, 2005

I forgot to mention that I went to Ashoka after Pradhana Vizha..

In a sari...

In a freaking sari...

I know..I was equally embarrased for myself when I went in the club..but there were quite alot of people in saris coz lots of PV people came down as well. It was an experience dancing to 'Turn Me On' in a sari though.. *Cringes*

I just came home from a henna party.. Another new experience.. I didn't know such customs existed.. Ananthi had a make up gig for the bride's sisters, who were dancing at the party.. The whole event was so exciting.. She's Arabic which explains the whole henna party thing which is strictly for ladies only.. They cordoned off the multi purpose hall and turned it into a mini harem complete with sequin pillows and exotic songs..

The bride entered the hall with a veil covering her lips and nose with her relatives who made that sound old women make with their mouths and tongues. Then she danced with a few close relatives in the middle of the hall before proceeding to take her place at the front, like a princess! Then they had all these performances by her sisters and cousins..They choreographed Hindi songs like Dolare from Devdas and looked bloody professional. I was amazed throught the entire event. I never knew these events even existed..

And all her relatives looked damn gorgeous! Arabian ladies are so freaking good looking.. Even the old aunties looked delectable..I was so darn jealous when I saw an auntie with 2 grown kids with a waistline of 24 and really perky boobs! Hahaahaaha.. Damn that auntie.. Threw me off eating the delish spread of food they had there..

Oooo..My muscles are aching so bad..3 days of gymming is taking its effect on my poor tired body.. But I intend to hit the gym at least 5 times a week no matter what.. If Oprah can freaking well look that good at 51, I can too!

Oooo..Bed..Comforter...Nice fluffy pillows..